Ukraine Update: Aliyah continues to this day

Koen Carlier - 11 December 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the many restrictions of the imposed quarantine, difficulties of applying for official documents, cancelled flights and travel bans, the aliyah of the Jewish people continues.

Under normal circumstances, making aliyah is a complicated and emotional matter, fraught with the challenges of uprooting from one’s home, integrating into a new society, learning a new language, finding a job and making new friends. It is even more difficult to imagine immigration, when immediately upon arrival you find yourself in quarantine and it is impossible to buy necessities or open a bank account. The coronavirus crisis and quarantine requirements are affecting new olim (immigrants) right after their landing.

But in spite of all these difficulties, the Jewish people continue to return to their Land. It is obvious that the Almighty Himself, the Great God of Israel, is gathering His people. He who once brought His people out of slavery and since then remains faithful to His promises and the Covenant with He made with them.

With the current situation in Ukraine, the Jewish people are now listening more than ever to the call to return to Israel – the land of their forefathers. We as Christians for Israel assist the Jewish people who want to emigrate to Israel in a very practical way with transportation and arrangement of travel documents.

Seven more flights this year
The flights to Israel depart from the international airport near Kiev, so from all over Ukraine olim travel to the capital the day before or on the day of their departure.

Before the end of the year there will be seven more flights from Ukraine to Israel with olim. The last flight of this year is scheduled to depart to Israel on New Year’s Eve at 4 PM.



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